11 Mile Canyon outside Lake George Colorado.  Phantom GoPro Aerial.

OMG, I’m not the pawn… I’m the LIGHT!

For the gamer nerds.  It’s what I played as a kid instead of Dungeons and Dragons, and required the use of your imagination to play.  I still have ALL my Traveller materials, though I probably shouldn’t admit that.

Sooth Studios LLC logo and branding.  Sooth Music.  Sooth Aerial.

On the ranch, Livingston, Montana

Bunny in a teacup.

2014 Office of a composer.

What do you think of this?  (source: 9news.com)

So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish!

Today I have freed myself, in order to spend more time dreaming…

As a MUSICIAN backer of Adam Carolla’s new movie project, this is my official 2 minutes for submission to be featured on the Road Hard Movie Soundtrack.  I put together this sampler platter of a few of the songs in the music library of Local Anesthetic. Visit Adam Carolla’s Fund Anything project and get your name on the Road Hard movie credits too!

Take a look at all the special backer levels at http://fundanything.com/adamcarolla today!

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"Horses and Cart" (2011) - This is my neighbor, and this is how he exercises his old horses.  Always willing to take folks on a ride around the neighborhood.